naughtone_Full Range Prod Spec EPS Summary

Technical summary and structural testing certifications Seating testing Our seating products are designed to meet or exceed all EN performance requirements per EN16139:2013 , which includes the following tests: Flammability Allourfoamandfillingmaterials have been tested to meet the following standards: British standard 5852:2006 Part 2 California Technical Bulletin CAL 117-2013 Italian standards UNI 9175-CLASS 1.IM The flammability standard of the covering fabric isdependentonthechoicemade by the customer, detailsoftheflammabilityrating ofspecificfabricscanbefoundon supplier’swebsiteslistedbelow. • Seat and back static load test • Seat front edge static load test • Vertical static load on back • Foot rest and leg rest static load test • Arm sideways static load test • Arm downwards static load test • Vertical upwards static load on arm rests • Seat and back durability test • Seat front edge durability test • Leg forward static load test • Leg sideways static load test • Seat impact test • Back impact test • Arm impact test Table testing Our tables are designed to meet or exceed all EN performance requirements per EN 15372:2016 , which includes the following tests: Storage testing OurstorageunitsaredesignedtomeetorexceedallENperformancerequirements per EN 16121:2013, which includes the following tests: • Edges of top rounded or chamfered, no burrs or sharp edges • Shall not be possible for load bearing parts to come loose unintentionally • Shear and squeeze points during use • Stability under vertical force — Main surface • Horizontal static load — High • Vertical static load • Horizontal fatigue • Vertical impact for tables without glass • Drop test • Accessible parts are rounded or chamfered • Moveable and adjustable parts shall prevent injuries • Possibility of parts coming loose • Shelf retention test - vertical ourward and horizontal downward • Deflection of shelves - 50kg weighted on each shelf • Strength of shelf supports • Vertical load on pivoted doors • Overload test • Drop test • Slam shut/open door test Warranty naughtone offers a 7-year warranty across all products. Details on the terms and conditions of naughtones warranty can be found here Servicing If a component is damaged and needs replacing please email our team with an image of the damaged part and reference your order number, we will be happy to facilitate any replacements. 7