SPACE 4 Silent room for 4 Modular silent spaces that change with your needs More space for ideas Space 4 cosily fits four people for an efficient brainstorming session or for a longer meeting that requires everyone to be on the same wavelength. The modular structure means that you can quickly change your Space size when you need it. By adding modules you can upgrade to a 6 people Space. You can also get two 2-people Spaces by splitting your modules. KT Interior Oy | Size Exterior 240 cm x 242 cm x 227 cm Interior 220 cm x 236 cm x 205 cm Weight 1250 kg Door Right or left handed Aluminium profiles Standard colours Glass Clear glass up to Rw 40 dB Wall, Ceiling EchoFree acoustic panels, standard colours Floor Carpet, standard colours Smart Solution Booking function, CO 2 sensor, inside temperature, presence sensor, light, ventilation, and user data history are all controllable and accessible over WiFi Product info Modular Quiet Smart Wheels for relocation Easy to Install Plug&Play Interior colour Exterior colour Grey Light Grey White Dark Grey Black Black Additional colours for extra fee. See next page Standard colours Standard colours Modular flexibility On wheels Sound insulation Acoustic panels Automated air circulation LED 110-240 V + 5 V USB App for pod’s climate control and booking (only with Smart Solution)