Encourage Well-being with WELL Building The workplace can help—or hinder—employee well-being and productivity. Is your office set up for success? Air We inspire our designers to use materials that encourage human health and minimise environmental impact. Many of our SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certified products have emission profiles that meet WELL criteria. Light Herman Miller offers a variety of beautiful and functional task lights that may be configured in the project space to welcome natural light and minimise glare. Fitness Our height-adjustable work surfaces can encourage movement and fitness at work, with our high- performance work chairs offering consistency in movement through unparalleled comfort and performance. Adjustable monitor arms help make this activity a more natural experience. Research has shown that solely sitting or standing for long periods can have a negative effect. The ideal landscape of the workplace would offer people choice among a variety of postures 1 . Comfort Herman Miller’s high- performance work chairs and height-adjustable tables empower the body, so people stay comfortable as they work. Adjustable monitor arms allow people to work healthfully and comfortably by allowing them to adjust their tools and furnishings. Mind At Herman Miller, we spend a lot of time exploring the relationship between people’s experiences of the workplace and their fundamental human needs. In addition, we research the sociology of work—how people affect the work environment, and how the work environment affects people. We use this knowledge to help organisations and their design partners create workplaces where every element feels right. In particular, cognitive ergonomics has a large impact on people and the way they work. Cognitive ergonomics is about how people process information. The purpose of cognitive ergonomics is to optimise the fit between human cognition and a particular environment, like the office. Cognitive ergonomics affects the way we think and react to our environment and those around us. Herman Miller designs all products with cognitive ergonomics in mind. Along with the concept of mind, comes transparency. Transparency is an important value at Herman Miller. We dive deep into the chemical makeup of our products and share an unprecedented amount of information about our products through Declare Labels, Material Ingredient Disclosures and other product material data. It goes without saying that physical comfort and support improve our cognitive performance. Innovation Herman Miller has built its rich history on the innovative premise that good design starts with the human body. As a human-centred research design company, Herman Miller is committed to innovation from product inception to project realisation. We collaborate with designers and partner with our clients to provide the most thoughtful, healthful, and innovative solutions to address each unique need. The WELL Building Standard is the premier standard for buildings and interior spaces seeking to implement, validate, and measure features that support and advance human health and wellness. Herman Miller’s ergonomics expertise paired with human factors and research driven products support the eight concepts of the WELL Building Standard. 1 Sit. Stand. Move. Repeat https://www.hermanmiller.com/research/categories/white-papers/sit-stand-move-repeat/